Ninjitsu Thumb Choke

Here at, we don’t aim to be a Ninjitsu instructional site. We are more a site for professional practitioners to get together and use our power as a group (odd for a solo and stealthful career, I know) to get ourselves things that normal people can expect in their work, like improved workplace conditions, healthcare, and maybe a 401k. But every once in a while we’ll write an article or post a link to information on a specific ninja technique that might be helpful to today’s working ninja. For instance, today I am posting a link to the very useful Ninjitsu Thumb Choke. For those of you who don’t know, this is a choke. Done with the thumbs. By a ninja.

Please note the warning at the bottom of the article:

“Practice the thumb joke with an experienced ninjitsu instructor since the choke can be dangerous.”

I should bloody well hope it’s bloody dangerous! It’s a damn ninja thumb choke! Should it be therapeutic? No! It should pop someone’s bloody head off so a gout of blood sprays into the air and covers the ninja’s escape!

Anyway, without further ado, the Ninjitsu Thumb Choke.

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