Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all members of the INU, their employers, and most importantly, their targets, whose time on this earth will soon be drawing to a close. May the new year bring each and every ninja out there killings aplenty!

Ninja Assassin (+Lego)



I cannot tell you how excited I, and everyone I’ve talked to in the INU, are about this movie.¬† I have read many reviews, but as none of them were written by actual ninja, they had no merit.¬† One reviewer even claimed that the film would only interest someone who wanted to see a CGI throwing star cut a man in half.¬† First of all, I think they underestimate the power of a good throwing star¬† disembowelment scene.¬† But also, one must study ninjitsu for many years before one is qualified to pass judgment on a film of this magnitude.¬† Therefore, I will post a full review after I see the film tomorrow night.¬†¬† And here, in case you haven’t seen it yet, is the movie trailer (sort of):

The Ninja shop is now open!

Though the black shinobi shozoko is traditional, it is not always the appropriate for all occasions. And I’m not talking about white for winter missions, or camo green when killing in the forest. I’m talking about when you’re just chilling with your ninja friends on a day off. Maybe have some sushi thrown on the grill so it actually tastes good.

That’s the time for Ass-Kicking Ninjas wear.

Proclaim your support of the I.N.U. with a 100% Cotton tee featuring our logo on the front. Or make sure everyone knows the superiority of the ninja over pirates with our “Kicking Pirate Ass” shirt.

These are just the first of our designs. There will be many more to come as the I.N.U. grows in strength and numbers.