Ninjitsu Thumb Choke

Here at, we don’t aim to be a Ninjitsu instructional site. We are more a site for professional practitioners to get together and use our power as a group (odd for a solo and stealthful career, I know) to get ourselves things that normal people can expect in their work, like improved workplace conditions, healthcare, and maybe a 401k. But every once in a while we’ll write an article or post a link to information on a specific ninja technique that might be helpful to today’s working ninja. For instance, today I am posting a link to the very useful Ninjitsu Thumb Choke. For those of you who don’t know, this is a choke. Done with the thumbs. By a ninja.

Please note the warning at the bottom of the article:

“Practice the thumb joke with an experienced ninjitsu instructor since the choke can be dangerous.”

I should bloody well hope it’s bloody dangerous! It’s a damn ninja thumb choke! Should it be therapeutic? No! It should pop someone’s bloody head off so a gout of blood sprays into the air and covers the ninja’s escape!

Anyway, without further ado, the Ninjitsu Thumb Choke.


A couple of our lady union members go shopping in a small town near Pittsburgh.

Ask a Ninja

Ninja is wise.  You got questions. got answers.


Despite their failure to mention the International Ninja Union (I must remember to send them an angry letter), I’m going to include a link to the general Wikipedia article on ninja, because a socialist-run information provider like Wikipedia is a destablizing force to democracy, and hence the world order.  And the more unstable the world, the more work for ninja…

Wikipedia article.